Why You Need a Safe Space

In a world full of distractions, constant interactions, and a myriad of stressors, it is easy to neglect our mental health. Endlessly, we’ll ignore the smoke signals our minds throw at us, begging for a moment to regroup and recharge. To combat this exhausting cycle, it is pivotal to create your own safe space.

My life was a hot mess. And, one of the actions I took to have balance was create a safe space.

“…alleviate your stress and have a moment to nurture yourself.”

What is a Safe Space?

A safe space is a place where you are calm, free to relax, and be vulnerable with a clear mind. Consider it your sacred place. It is relaxing. It is organized. It is easily accessible.

Why You Need a Safe Space!

Life is hectic. Having a place to clear you mind and recharge is necessary! With a safe space, you’ll be able to comfortably alleviate your stress and have a moment to nurture yourself.


How to Create a Safe Space.

  1. Choose a Quiet Location

Finding a quiet space in your chosen place (preferably your home) allows you to focus on your thoughts and feelings… or nothing at all. If you cannot access a quiet location, try noise-cancelling ear muffs.

2. Choose an Enclosed or Low Traffic Area

Excessive stimuli, likely from other people, can take away your capability to focus on you. Your safe space is for YOU. If you’re able, choose an enclosed room that is solely yours (even it’s for 15–30 minutes at a time).

3. Clear the Clutter

Physical clutter and disorganization reflects the stress, frustration, and/or overwhelm we experience. And, it can breed even more of such negative feelings. Clear out the mess. Remove items that are not pleasing or functional for you. Doing so will bring immediate relief spatially and mentally.

4. Add Your Favorite Items

Since this is your space, adorn it with your favorite items! If you’re a music lover, have a speaker or headphones. Snacks aren’t just for the kitchen; make a snack drawer. Tuck into your favorite blanket and pillow. Light some candles. Make your space comforting for you.

Our mental health steers the way for an overall balanced life. The stressors and overstimulation we experience from our daily experiences can be challenging to maintain such wellbeing. With a safe space, you’re capable of taking more time to focus on you and nurture your mental health and wellbeing.

What does your safe space look life? Let me know in the comments.

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