Custom Order

Whether your needing custom party gifts or filling your shop with your own branded home fragrance line, we've got your covered.

*Learn about the options available below the form*

Low Minimum Order Price

$150 minimum order total.

Lead Time

1-3 weeks.

*subject to customization*

No Increment Limits

Order in your desired quantities.

Tailored Brand

Customize our products to fit your brand. Free to change:

• Textured or Un-textured Glass;

• Label Design;

• Wax Color.

Private Label

Sell our products under your brand name. Change the:

• Label Design.

Favors or Gifts

Bulk order personalized gifts for clients, parties, events, etc.

All Products Available for Customization

We offer customization for all candles, wax melts, diffuser oils, and room sprays.

  • 5oz single wick
  • 10oz double wick
  • 15oz triple wick

*all glass jars

Wax Melts
  • 2.5oz plastic clamshell (6 standard melts)
  • 4oz plastic jar tubs (24 small melts)
Diffuser Oils
  • 15ml glass bottle w/ orifice dropper
Room Sprays
  • 8oz plastic bottle w/ manual locking trigger spray