Getting Care Without Health Insurance

Healthcare in the U.S. is a controversial phenomenon that affects everyone. It is a common thought that having health insurance should ensure basic health care, aid for emergencies, and vision and/or dental benefits. Reality lets us know that health care can provide those opportunities, but usually at a cost that’s higher than desired.

Truth is, premiums, copays, coinsurance, etc. are all code for you joining a membership club that gives you a discount on your health care. That’s what health insurance is. And, it’s not always affordable.

So, what can uninsured (and even fed up insured) people do? Let’s explore those options below:

Find a community clinic for basic care.

Community clinics are wonderful for basic care- sickness, physicals, well woman’s or men’s exams, x-rays, pediatric care, etc. You should expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $75+ for care. Still, that beats having an additional high insurance premium or deductible. Simply look up “community clinic near me” to find one close to you.

Use a telehealth option.

From obtaining prescriptions to psychotherapy, telehealth provides access to health care professionals at an inexpensive cost. Seek out care on a platform like Teladoc or PlushCare.

Get lab work done independently.

STI tests, allergy tests, metabolic blood work and other comprehensive lab test can be executed at independent labs. Cost is transparent, and appointments can be booked quickly online. Any Lab Test Now and Quest Diagnostics make lab tests easy to complete.

Use financing for dental/vision work and the similar.

It is common to find dental and vision care not covered by health insurance. Luckily, clinics that provide these services make it accessible through financing (in-house or third-party). Even larger procedures like a breast reduction can typically be financed. Contact your local specialty clinic to discover their available financing options.

Health insurance may not be the best option for everyone. It can be easier to find your basic care through the uninsured options we just covered. However, these options may not serve you well if you:

  • Have costly medications;
  • Have a major health condition;
  • Expect to have surgery/child birth; or
  • May need hospitalization.

Compare your options to see what is best for you. Weigh the cost benefits, and you just may discover that you don’t need health insurance after all.

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